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Most of our customers are asking when the best time to plant plants is.

The answer is: in late summer and fall until frost. Below we will explain why.

  1. Fall planting gives plants an early start on growth. Autumn days are cooler and shorter so plants have less moisture loss through their leaves. The soil still retains warmth from the summer’s heat, which encourages root growth.
  2. The plants go dormant and prepare for winter so they don’t need much care like frequent watering and fertilizing. All this applies to all hardy trees, shrubs, and perennials. Fall planting will get the most effect from your landscaping following season.
  3. In Calgary ground freezes deep only after New Year, and roots grow taking advantage of retained summer soil warmth. Winter snow further soak the roots and encourage the growth of a root system. When the days begin to warm the following spring, top growth begins, new leaves emerge, and root growth progresses rapidly. During the following usually dry Calgary summer, the larger root system is able to supply more water and nutrients to the plant. By the following autumn, the plant will be larger than one planted in the spring, due to the healthier root system that had a chance to grow by being planted in the fall. In fact, the plant will gain almost one extra season of growth, when planted in fall.
  4. Fall landscaping project is the best time to move trees, shrubs and divide perennials. Bulbs need to be planted in fall. Pruning of most trees and shrubs is also recommended in autumn.
  5. Fall planting is easier on the home owner’s budget. You can find great deals on plants, landscaping installation and stretch your dollar. We offer great fall planting discounts and guarantee planted in fall plants for 2 years.

Watch this video testimonial to see what other professionals in the garden industry say about fall planting benefits. Best of all, you and your family can enjoy finished project without paying for it right away. We have custom tailored financing plans available o. a. c. for all our landscape construction and home improvement projects. Contact us to start your fall planting project, now. We also offer irrigation installation, repairs, winterizing and sprinkler blowout. 


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