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Gardening Articles and Blog with Tips.

This page features a variety of gardening articles to help you make choices during your new landscaping project. With our years of experience in landscape industry, we are here to help. Any home improvement project involves lots of detail. This is why we are collecting articles to give you info, answers and tips. Learn how our landscape design and home renovation process will help you to create serene place for your family. If you have any questions, contact us today.

Gardening Video

Some of the articles contain also a mix of multimedia including video and images.

12 Ways to Make Better Use of Yard Corners

12 Ways to Make Better Use of Yard Corners Houzz– Kitchen Ideas, Bathroom Ideas and More » Tap into your landscape’s full potential with sculptures, seating, fire features and more

50 Great Designs for a Garden Party

50 Great Designs for a Garden Party More » . Pergola, Patio, Deck, Hearth or Rooftop — Find the Outdoor Party Room for You

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

A good backyard landscaping idea is one that everyone can make use of. There are many different backyard landscaping ideas and most of them are pretty good but to find the one that is right for you and that is just what your yard needs may take some reading. This article will help you to
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(VIDEO) Contemporary Garden Ideas

Modern Garden Ideas gallery of contemporary garden styles to inspire you for creating your own garden.

(VIDEO) Contemporary Style Garden

When night falls in the garden, good [or great] ambiance depends on the lighting. Having several types of lights installed in the right way can totally transform the outdoor atmosphere of your space. Discover the “Pinnacle II” or “Papillon” solar garden lights, the “Tibor” lanterns, and an outdoor fireplace which will quickly set the tone
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Creative Landscaping Ideas For Your Home Garden

If you would like to upgrade and improve the landscaping that encompasses your home and garden areas but are struggling to know how and where to get started with such a project, then there are many different places that you can look to for great ideas. You might get inspired just by driving through a
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(VIDEO) Custom Deck Construction: Waterproof Decks

This is a walk through on how to build a dryspace beneath your deck. You can turn your deck into a roof and create usable space beneath. Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to go!

Easy Front Yard Landscaping

Having a low maintenance front yard is the goal of many people. You can get easy to manage front yard landscaping done by any of the professional landscapers in your area or you can do it yourself. Either way you can have front yard landscaping done that will take minimal work to keep looking fantastic
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Eco-Friendly Landscaping Techniques

Want to know how to make your landscape design more Eco-friendly? Check out these simple, straight-forward tips for converting your landscape into a haven for clients, passersby, and wildlife. Using organic landscaping techniques can save you money because your outdoor space is a prime location for showing off your commitment to developing a green building
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Garden BFFs? Why Your Vegetables Are Begging for Companion Plants

Garden BFFs? Why Your Vegetables Are Begging for Companion Plants Foster friendships among plants for protection from bug baddies, pollination support and color camaraderie

Getting Rid of Standing Water in Your Yard

Do you have one or more areas in your yard that hold water after a rainfall? This is a common problem, and sometimes difficult to solve. Over the years I’ve talked with dozens of people trying to battle this problem, and on several occasions I have been hired to solve the problem. So what can
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Getting the Best Price for your Home Includes Landscaping for Curb Appeal

If you own a home, then sooner or later you are going to be ready to sell that home. Maybe you’ve already sold a home or two. People tend to move more often than our parents did. There are a lot of things that go into getting the best possible price for your home, but
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How To Best Care For Your Plants

The first thing that you need to do is pick a plant that mixes well with your life style. What I mean by this is that if you are rarely home then you will want a plant that does not need to be watered frequently. There are plenty of plants that thrive on little water
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(VIDEO) How to Build a Raised Flower or Garden Bed

Tips on building and constructing a raised garden bed. Learn what products to use and how to design a beautiful raised flower bed.

(VIDEO) How to Lay Patio Pavers

A demonstration on how NOT to lay patio pavers in your backyard in Canada, due to the cold climate. Please, contact experienced certified installer to obtain at least 2 years warranty on the project. And save your money!

How to Propagate and Grow Annual Gardening Plants Successfully

How to Propagate and Grow Annual Gardening Plants Successfully By Chris Cangialosi Annuals may just flower for only one year but they are a real essential part of the gardening year. Their seeds are easy to sow, usually into trays and flats where they will quickly germinate into tender seedlings needing protection from the elements.
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(VIDEO) Ideas & Advice for Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living is the art of living outside. To take full advantage of the season, determine the size of your outdoor space, choose your furniture accordingly and finish by adding a few personal touches to the décor. Follow the steps in this video for the perfect Outdoor Living space and discover the must-have items you’ll
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(VIDEO) Ideas For A Great Garden

Some Good Ideas For A Great Garden

(VIDEO) Laminate Flooring in Your Home

Lowe’s home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, demonstrates the installation of laminate wood flooring after proper subfloor preparation.

Low Maintenance Gardens

Luxuriant, colourful landscape can be one of the most gratifying aspects of home ownership-but not if you’re too busy mowing grass, raking leafs, pruning overgrown trees and shrubs. Fortunately, an easy care landscape that allows you greater freedom from just being interesting and attractive as one needing himicgh maintenance, if it’s properly planned and the
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(VIDEO) Outdoor Living Paradise – Decks, Patios, Fireplaces & More!

From Decks & Patios to Water Features & Gazebos, explore the possibilities available to create your outdoor sanctuary.

Pathway Plantings That Please the Senses

Pathway Plantings That Please the Senses . Add some color, life and intrigue beside your sidewalk with these 7 suggestions

Rocky Mountain Gardener’s March Checklist

Rocky Mountain Gardener’s March Checklist Houzz– Kitchen Ideas, Bathroom Ideas and More » Ride out fickle weather by forcing flowers, planning indoors and heading outside to spot blooming bulbs when you can

Spring Planting Tips

Spring means that the garden centers are packed with people, and car trunks are packed with plants. Everybody has dirt on their knees, dirt under their nails, and are excited about gardening. To make certain that this excitement yields positive results, let’s discuss the basics in this article of spring planting tips. Installing new plants
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Summer Crops: How to Grow Strawberries

Summer Crops: How to Grow Strawberries Houzz– Kitchen, Bathroom and More »

Summer Gardening Tips

Tips for Gardening in Summer. Don’t be afraid to trim those flowering shrubs and trees that need it. Failure to prune is probably the biggest gardening mistake a person can make. I spent 20 years landscaping homes and businesses, and I watched people make the investment in my services, then they failed to prune when
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(VIDEO) Tips for Gardening in Small Spaces

Lowe’s gardening expert, Erika Vetrini, shares helpful tips on how to maximize your gardening space with ideas such as vertical gardening, using bright plants, adding raised garden beds or decorating window boxes.

Training Beautiful Flowering Shrubs into Unique Ornamental Trees

There is nothing more beautiful than a flowering shrub in full bloom, except maybe a flowering shrub in full bloom that has been trained to grow as a single stem tree. Imagine having a fragrant Viburnum Tree next to your patio or outside your bedroom window, waking up to such a wonderful aroma. Don’t confuse
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Tuscan Travels Inspire a Granite Outdoor Kitchen in Maine

Tuscan Travels Inspire a Granite Outdoor Kitchen in Maine Houzz– Kitchen Designs, Bathroom Designs and More » Serving up gourmet pizza and big views, this stone-laden cooking and entertaining space can cater to a crowd

Microsoft Gardening and Landscaping

Dear Gardeners with a sense of humor, Having recently survived (barely) an upgrade of the Windows 10 software on my home PC, I began to wonder what might happen if Microsoft decided to go into the gardening business: 97 percent of all flowers, shrubs, trees, fertilizers, trowels, rakes, hoes, spades, lawn mowers, tillers, hoses, sprinklers,
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