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How to Propagate and Grow Annual Gardening Plants Successfully
By Chris Cangialosi

Annuals may just flower for only one year but they are a real essential part of the gardening year. Their seeds are easy to sow, usually into trays and flats where they will quickly germinate into tender seedlings needing protection from the elements. And as soon as they are large enough to handle they are transplanted into pots and again protected from the elements.

They are hardened off by standing them outside on frost free days and bringing them in at night for protection from the cold.

When all danger of frost has passed they are planted out in borders, beds, pots, tubs, troughs, window boxes and hanging baskets. Annuals are so diverse in their form, they are tall or low growing, with broad, long lush green to spindly light green leaves and they have a myriad of brilliant colourful flowers in different shapes.

Such a choice!

Its hard to imagine a garden without them. They will fill gaps in mixed beds and borders or you can make a dazzling colourful display if you plant them as summer and autumn flowering beds just on their own.

They flower their socks off for just the one season and then disappear forever. But some might hang on in sheltered spots away from frosts for a couple of weeks longer. But they will eventually succumb to the frosts.

Most gardeners can’t wait for their annuals to burst into flower and every year they feel the same astonishment at their dazzling displays. Many annuals produce loads of seeds after flowering and all in different forms of seedpods, just ready for you to collect.

So, don’t forget to collect them and sow them the following spring. These seeds are all for free and will produce your annuals for next year!

Many also self seed profusely. At the end of the season they shed their ripe seeds and the following spring these seeds, if you leave them undisturbed, will usually germinate where they have fallen.

You can transplant these seedlings where you want them to grow, in the garden, pots, tubs, troughs wherever or just leave them to grow where they have germinated.

Propagating annual gardening plants from seed is real easy. And they don’t need much attention once they are planted out, whether it be in be in your beds, borders or in pots or tubs. Just give them a good watering in hot and dry weather. And a weekly feed.

Many annuals are used by florists as they are ideal in floral arrangements. You can use them for pleasing indoor floral arrangements bringing the scent, of the outside garden indoors.

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