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•    We suggest that when considering any type of landscape construction, renovation or garden development you should start from consultation with experienced contractor. With years of experience in horticulture, installing all aspects of landscaping and home construction, we have extensive knowledge of garden design concepts and landscape construction technical solutions. This hand on experience eliminates any uncertainty for you, the client

•    Vivid Garden landscape construction or renovation consultation charge is $90 + G.S.T. and that money will be reimbursed from the cost estimate of any work we will do for you in the future. This includes landscape construction, home renovations and design. There is no time limit.

•    During our landscape construction/ renovation consultation we will assess what needs to be done, and we will give you many ideas and suggestions for the best outcome.

•    If your landscape construction/ renovation project is small and simple, when you choose best solutions and materials, we can prepare an estimate for the job. The consultation fee you paid earlier, will be deducted from that estimate.

•    When you plan to rehabilitate an older garden or develop new home landscaping a detailed landscape design drawing with specifications is essential. Just like you need a blueprint to build a house, you need one for your landscape construction.

•    During our consultation we will ask questions to find what it is you and your family would like to have in your garden. Based on your needs we will give you an estimate for set of computerized landscape design drawings with specifications.

•    The cost of landscape design drawing starts from $1,095.00 + G.S.T. and is fully refundable. Vivid Garden will discount the cost of design drawings from the cost of any work we will do for you 10% at the time, up to the full amount you spent on landscape design.

•    If you are planning to build, or building a new house it is a good idea to make a landscape design plan early. This will allow to merge your house architectural concept with outdoors.

•    Usually it takes around two weeks to complete the set of landscape design drawings. Since they are totally custom-made for every client, we always have at least one meeting with you, when work on design drawing is in progress. We want to make sure we are developing design according to client’s vision.

•    When landscape design is completed to your satisfaction, we can cost estimate the project. Vivid Garden landscape construction/ renovation estimates are prepared in logistically itemized order. This allows the Client to plan landscape construction/ renovation in phases, if needed.

•    We support our landscape and home construction clients with one of the best warranties in the industry. Interlocking paver and retaining wall systems projects are guaranteed for three years. The plant material except perennials is guaranteed for the two years. All construction materials are subject to manufacturers warranties. The workmanship is guaranteed for one year upon completion. An extended warranties are available at client’s request.

The best of all, you and you family can enjoy finished project without paying for it right away. We offer custom tailored financing plans o. a. c. for all our landscape construction and home improvement projects.

Learn more about Vivid Garden services and contact us today to expand your living space – outdoors!

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