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Over the years Vivid Garden built many wooden and composite lumber decks.

Every deck is unique and custom designed to accommodate the site, our client’s needs and lifestyle. So please, do not call and ask how much we charge per square or linear foot/ meter of deck or fence. We are not a carpet depot here.
At Vivid Garden we would be more than happy to give you all answers about your deck or fence project over the phone. This would make our work so much easier. Unfortunately we are not able to do this. Every project has its different unique conditions and problems.

In order to give you an accurate estimate, we need to meet with you on location to evaluate the project first.
Contact us to schedule consultation meeting so we can answer all the questions, you have.
When you plan to build a new outdoor deck, pergola or fence you should consider several choices of materials to build it with. The most common material to build a house deck or other outdoor structure is wood. Below is some wood lumber most commonly used in Calgary area;

  • Untreated spruce. Very short lifespan of just a few years.
  • ACQ Treated lumber. Longer lifespan, treated with chemicals.
  • Western red cedar. Natural material the longest lifespan of the two above and cost is only 10-15% higher than cost of ACQ treated lumber.
  • Tropical hard wood lumber ‘Kayu’ very long lifespan and attractive, but expensive.

There are several options of synthetic composite decking options available. You can see samples of Vivid Garden composite decks here.

Browse our gallery of decks below. Find ideas for your backyard,  contact us today to design and build the deck for your family.

You and you family can enjoy finished deck project without paying for it right away. We have custom tailored financing plans available o. a. c. for all our landscape construction and home improvement projects.

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